Nap Time Story

What do you do when a child is brand new to your childcare and cries for mommy at naptime? Ms. Devore, a seasoned provider of a small home-based childcare, makes creative use of whatever she had on hand to help a little girl feel safe and connected—and yes, eventually to fall asleep.

Learn & Grow

Car Dealership

Playing together often creates teachable moments for sharing. By joining the children in play, Ms. Thomas gently defused a potential conflict and guided the children to play and share with one another.

Serve & Return

Junk Mail Lullaby

Sometimes, our spur-of-the-moment decision and action are born out of years of experience caring for children. In this extended version, we have the opportunity to hear from Ms. Devore the provider as well as the young mother of the child. Interestingly, the mother herself was a child under Ms. Devore’s care many years ago!


Walk Around the Block

Ushering a large group of the children around the street block isn’t quite so simple. But finding something along the way to notice and talk about makes it a lot easier. This provider makes the best use of transition time to help children see their neighborhood on the way to the playground.