Walk Around the Block

Ushering a large group of the children around the street block isn’t quite so simple. But finding something along the way to notice and talk about makes it a lot easier. This provider makes the best use of transition time to help children see their neighborhood on the way to the playground.


I Did it Myself

Tending to the different skill levels of each child while organizing a whole group in the same activity take a lot of attentiveness of the educator. In this craft activity, the staff carefully scaffolds and encourages a young child to attempt something difficult—and the child knows that she accomplished something worthwhile!



This video is contributed by a provider. This is an example of what you can film yourself to capture the good in your practice. The video captured fun interactions while teacher and children play together.


Up from Nap

This video is contributed by Cherie. Sometimes, the most important indicator of quality care can be about the most routine activities. Giving each child space, time, and his or her own way to get up from nap time helps to smooth the transition into what is coming up next.


Mooo Bahhh Reading Time

This video is contributed by Ms. Devore. Simple reading time with an enthused teacher is a time to learn and a time to be part of the group. Attitudes are caught, not taught. Love of reading is certainly contagious here!


Shopping List

This video is contributed by a provider. A video clip does not have to be professional and polished. Even simple video captured on a grainy cell phone camera can tell us a lot about how we are helping children learn and grow. From making a list and going shopping, a lot is happening in these brief clips.