Jump to Bed

Few children willingly and swiftly go down to nap. This experienced staff took her time to allow each child make a game out of going down to nap. No drama. No conflict. But a lot of friendly banter, patience, and humor!


car dealership

Playing together often creates teachable moments for sharing.  By joining the children in play, Ms. Thomas gently defused a potential conflict and guided the children to play and share with one another.


i did it myself

Tending to the different skill levels of each child while organizing a whole group in the same activity take a lot of attentiveness of the educator. In this craft activity, the staff carefully scaffolds and encourages a young child to attempt something difficult—and the child knows that she accomplished something worthwhile!


Shopping List

This video is contributed by a provider. A video clip does not have to be professional and polished. Even simple video captured on a grainy cell phone camera can tell us a lot about how we are helping children learn and grow. From making a list and going shopping, a lot is happening in these brief clips.